Better, faster and always one step ahead has been our motto ever since the foundation of MAHE in 1993, and it still is today. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of a wide range of products, we place great value on close contact with our customers regarding the development, production, and quality of our products. This collaboration is of the utmost importance.

We specialize in the following fields:

- Orthopedics
- Endoscopy
- Traumatology
- Surgical instruments
- Spine surgery
- Devices
- Motor systems
- Veterinary medicine

In the early years of the company, we incorporated sophisticated internal and external processes that now enable us to guarantee the best possible customer service. A wide range of products is proof of our expertise and motivation. Since 1993, our experienced production team has grown steadily to 110 employees. If you are not yet working with us, we invite you to challenge our flexibility, innovative craftsmanship and technical expertise with your custom projects. Our ISO 13485 certified and FDA-compliant manufacturing facility guarantees highest quality, shortest turnaround, and strictest confidentiality. Each of these important cornerstones ensure your and our competitive advantage in this highly competitive market. We aim to be your outsourcing partner of choice and would be delighted to personally meet with you to present our capabilities.