• BlueLavage

    BlueLavage - The next generation of the Pulse Lavage

BlueLavage - The environmentally friendly Pulse Lavage

BlueLavage - Die Umweltschonende Pulse Lavage The BlueLavage requires no batteries for use. Instead, the BlueLavage is powered with a rechargeable Drive Unit. The Drive Unit can be charged up to a maximum of 150 times. 

BlueLavage - User friendly and innovative

BlueLavage - Benutzerfreundlich und innovativ To check readiness, the Drive Unit is equipped with a colored LED display. The transparent lid of theBlueLavage illuminates the LED display.

BlueLavage | Made in Germany

BlueLavage | Made in Germany The BlueLavage comes with an insertion funnel. This allows the sterile insertion of the Drive Unit.