[ti]win - The efficient and clever way to operate




[ti]win - The efficient and clever way to operate

Do you want to operate quickly and safely?
If yes, then [ti]win is the right product for you.

Safe because
» everything is always delivered correctly and in sterile packaging
» all processes from production to the sterilization of products are validated
» gap-free batch traceability is ensured at all times
» only the best production and implant materials are used
(Material: Ti6AI-4V / titanium-anodized surface treatment, type II)

Quick because
» in-house preparations are no longer required
» everything delivered is already sterile
» all products are easy to implant
» after the operation, you are ready at once for the next procedure


Radius & Fibula

Raduis plates

The special design allows the plate to be positioned very close to the joint space, thus achieving excellent support of the fragments. The [ti]win radius plate imitates the anatomical bone surface. The fact that the distal screw holes are arranged on two rows ensures secure fixation of the fracture, even when dealing with multifragmentary fractures.The anatomical shape enhances stability and safety.

Fibula plates

The anatomic design of the [ti]win fibula plate is unique. The tip on the distal end of the plate can be anchored very well in osteoporotic bone. If the tip is not needed, it can be pinched off with a side cutter. Distally up to seven screws can be screwed in in a angle-stable fashion in a balanced direction. Fibula that have been fractured into small pieces are reconstructed in the spoon - like design of the plate. The high degree of stability enables rapid weight-bearing mobilization in comparison to conventional systems.

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3.5 mm Patella-Plating-System

Standard- and Basket-Plates for the treatment of simple fractures, multi fragment fractures and comminuted fractures of the patella.

The special surface coating of the plates and screws (Type II anodization) favours a simplified removal of the implants after fracture healing.

Dedicated Kirschner wire holes in the plate allow for temporary Kirschner wire fixation to facilitate the positioning of the plate on the bone.

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3.5 mm Clavicle-Hook-Plate

The rounded, tapered hook design and the hook angle facilitate a biomechanically favorable position of the hook with an optimal grip under the acromion.

Rounded edges, the slim plate profile, the smooth coated surface as well as screws that sit flush on the plate reduce the risk of irritation of the surrounding soft tissue.


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RIFIX angle-stable titanium plates

  • for the arthrodesis of the MTP1 joint

LAPIFIX titanium step plates

  • for arthrodesis of the TMT1 (Tarsometatarsal) joint with higher grade deformities

VAFIX titanium plates

  • for the „open-wedge“ surgical technique for hallux valgus primus varus

MPJFIX angle-stable titanium plates

  • for the arthrodesis of the MTP1 joint

MPSFIX angle-stable titanium plates

  • for Osteotomies, fractures, arthrodesis of the metatarsals and tarsals bones

KSFIX titanium step plates

  • for flat foot corrections, varus malpositions of the rear foot.

All plates and screws have a titanium alloy TI 6AI 4V and are titanium anodized according to Type II.

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Mini Fragment implants

All fixed-angle Mini Fragment implants are characterized by reduced plate thickness that minimizes soft tissue irritation. The fine contour of the back surface nestles perfectly against the bone of the finger or metacarpus. The 1.5 mm screw heads and 2.0 mm screws have a Torx attachment that firmly holds the screwdriver in place.

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